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NeveMare was established at the beginning of 1986 and boasts more than 20 years of experience in the building and tourism industries.
The company was born from Enrico's passion for the enchanting landscapes offered by our beautiful country and the art of hospitality. He is now supported by his son Roberto who shares the same passion, so much so that he has established his own company managing tourist accommodation facilities in various areas of Northern Italy, including the superior three-star Hotel Rosa degli Angeli in Pejo Fonti (TN) with which NeveMare has drawn up an agreement.
NeveMare builds and/or renovates property complexes in the most beautiful holiday locations, benefiting from the support of trusted technical personnel present all over Italy, leading to excellent and well-controlled end results, a synonym of high quality.
NeveMare also owns and manages various commercial properties in various towns throughout Italy, from cities to the best-loved tourist resorts.
Passion for what they do and the professional way in which it is done guarantee constant development and continuous perfection in terms of quality, so much so that it has become Enrico and Roberto's credo.

NEVEMARE s.r.l. - Volontari della LibertÓ 5 - 22063 CANTÙ (CO) - TEL: +39 338 8060562 - FAX: +39 0362 354716
Sede legale: Volontari della LibertÓ 5, 22063 CANTÙ (CO)
C.F. / P.IVA 01593820135 - REA CO-202061

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